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Testing device digi test II

DIN EN ISO 868, DIN ISO 7619,
NF EN ISO 868,
ASTM D 2240, BS 903 Part. A 26
DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415,
DIN ISO 27588

New pick-up bracket and new electronic unit
Older test stands and measuring devices
can be used with the new pick-up bracket
and electronic unit.


Advantages of digi test

  • Electronic unit provides clear display of measured value, navigation menu and Data Output.
  • Easy to use with limited operator influence to guarantee accurate and repeatable hardness test results.
  • Reading in the display gives assistance for the correct selection of the measuring device during your measurement when the measured value is above or below the limit value.
  • USB-interface for data transfer.
  • Modular, digital hardness testing system.
  • Automatic identification of the measuring range and of the measuring time
  • Integratable in an automatic production process.
  • Hysteresis function
Ranges of Applications
Measuring instruments for digi test II
DAkkS/DKD Calibration
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